Oh My Lash Desiree Lash Review

The best pair of lashes for a dramatic look that I own; the Desiree lashes. I bought the Barbara lashes from Oh My Lash as well but haven't put them on yet. These are definitely not as natural, but I still enjoy them for daytime wear. They seem to be much softer than the JoJo lashes, though are made of the same synthetic material. 

They have a gentle wing shape which really helps to create that desired eye shape (Desiree, desire... ehehehe...) When it comes to comfort and feel I definitely recommend these over the JoJo lashes on that, but they definitely aren't for the people who don't like to look of false lashes. I also think these need a bolder liner to help hide the band, as it seemed to be much more visible. For $2.25, these are definitely a compliment to any look you want to take to the next level.

We are dorks and I somehow lost my chin.
Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links so if you choose to buy I make a bit of money. Also, I got these lashes to review for free but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna be nice for that reason. People who do that aren't good. No. Bad people. 

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