Oh My Lash Desiree Lash Review

The best pair of lashes for a dramatic look that I own; the Desiree lashes. I bought the Barbara lashes from Oh My Lash as well but haven't put them on yet. These are definitely not as natural, but I still enjoy them for daytime wear. They seem to be much softer than the JoJo lashes, though are made of the same synthetic material. 

They have a gentle wing shape which really helps to create that desired eye shape (Desiree, desire... ehehehe...) When it comes to comfort and feel I definitely recommend these over the JoJo lashes on that, but they definitely aren't for the people who don't like to look of false lashes. I also think these need a bolder liner to help hide the band, as it seemed to be much more visible. For $2.25, these are definitely a compliment to any look you want to take to the next level.

We are dorks and I somehow lost my chin.
Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links so if you choose to buy I make a bit of money. Also, I got these lashes to review for free but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna be nice for that reason. People who do that aren't good. No. Bad people. 

Makeup Addicts Anonymous

Hi my name is Rhi and I'm an addict.

Right now my makeup wish list totals over 1000 dollars.

Yet every time I go into a makeup store I take all day deciding.

And I spend days adding/removing stuff from my cart.

Deluxe sized samples instead of foil packets are a gift from the good Lord himself.

The easiest thing for me to ask for is gift cards.

Pretty packaging is my weakness.

Makeup collection videos are my drug of choice.

If they had a show of Hoarders for makeup I'd be on it.

But it's all okay, because I'm a blogger.

Oh My Lash JoJo Lash Review

So as I announced last week, I am now an official Oh My Lash Beauty Council member. Today is my first review of those lashes, and we are starting with the pair that I like the most.

5 Essential Makeup Tutorials

Anyone who has ever struggled with makeup application has probably been told to just go look on YouTube. This isn't as easy as it sounds because sometimes it can be difficult to truly find the basics. I've compiled a post of 5 different types of tutorials that have really helped me get to where I am technique wise, Read on, beauties!

Winged Eyeliner

Simple Eye Makeup

Foundation Application + Blush and Bronzer

(this is for oily skin but products can be changed for other skin types)

Eyebrow Techniques

Easy Smokey Eye

Dear Boys, I Don't Wear My Makeup For You

There I said it. I'm not taking it back either. Jokes like "This is why I have trust issues" or "Take her swimming on a first date" kinda infuriate me to be honest. I don't spend 3/4 of the money I make on makeup to impress a guy. Or anyone else. My makeup is for me. 

10 Scary Makeup Moments

10. Curling Your Eyelashes

Seriously this thing resembles a medieval torture device. 
Side note: I was considering using horror movie gifs for this post.
 A quick search of "eye torture gif" had this as a result on the second page.

9. Winged Eyeliner

They will never, ever be even. Ever.

8. Plucking Your Eyebrows

We all have a fear of this don't even lie. There's
always that ONE hair that's longer than expected.

7. Tightlining

So many people skip this because it's not worth
the sheer terror of potential eye stabbing.

6. Applying Bright Lipstick

If I mess it up I can just call it Kylie Jenner inspired right?

5. False Lashes

Lash glue could be featured in a SAW movie it's
so scary.

4. Mascara

Speaking of eye wounds... You know you make
that face in order to avoid one.

3. Blush

You look like a painted... well it's just too much.
There's no going back now.

2. Contouring

Just... I'm screwed if this becomes the requirement
for being attractive. 

1. All Makeup In General

We put strange things near our eyes, chemicals on
our face, and then we call it beauty. Makeup is
fun but also... Terrifying.

Happy Friday the 13th to all! Have a fun (and spooky) night! Only 231 days til Halloween!!!

Oh My, Announcements!

So, some pretty awesome news that I've been holding in since about last Monday. I was chosen to be apart of the Oh My Lash! Beauty Council. I'm working with a group of fantastic bloggers, talking about makeup, giving some ideas for new products, and providing reviews. I'm here to tell you everything about these products; the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Being apart of this, I do receive free eyelashes in exchange for reviewing them, and I was provided with a link that will pay me commission if you choose to buy from the site through my limit. This doesn't cost you any extra, but I'm not going to pressure you. Buy what you're interested in, when you're interested.

The fact that I am receiving these products for free will not at all reflect my review. If I love something, I love it, and if I don't, I'm not going to sugar coat it. That wouldn't be right to the company, or to you my readers.

I am SO incredibly excited about this opportunity, and I did get my first pack of lashes from the company today. I just got to say, I LOVE the pair I tried out. 

This is the first of many great things to come, and I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in this adventure thus far. As of February 10, this blog had only accumulated 824 page visits since it's start. Since then the total has risen to 2,199 page views.

I will be holding a giveaway as a show of gratitude that should be announced sometime around my birthday this month, so stay tuned for how to enter.


Summer 2015 Inspiration

So it is March, marking the soon to be official start of Spring, and the start of the second style season for me. In my mind, style has two seasonal equivalents. You seem to either have Autumn fashion, or Summer fashion. Somewhere in there is also holiday stuff. Today is the first day of Spring break for me, and my skin is currently getting over being sick this weekend (meaning I'm doing some majorly important re-hydrating and cleansing), so I thought I'd share some of the things that inspire me and my hair, nail, and fashion for Spring/Summer of 2015. I suppose you could see this as a sort of Get To Know Me: Style Edition. Also I'd love if you would all leave links to Pinterest boards, Instagram/Tumblr accounts, and other blogs that inspire your style. Or even if it's something you think I'd like.


 Instagram @thisisprima

I have been in love with this nail shape for quite awhile. I absolutely hated the harsh stiletto shape, and while I'm still not a fan of the almost inappropriately long talons, I love this softer almond shape. Before I leave for my cruise this spring, I plan on getting basically this exact shape and design done with acrylics. I will likely be substituting the black for gold though, because I think that gives it a softer look. Plus ever since I found out that stupid dress IS actually blue I've felt the need to love on the white and gold color scheme.

This one is really easy, and while a little dark, I feel like it really does fit my style. When I do my laundry there are more blacks and blues than reds and whites. I like these probably for the time I'd be going to Warped Tour. They're decently short so I don't have to worry about accidentally impaling my eye while rubbing it or putting in contacts. Also I can DYI these. Sometimes I forget that my whole introduction to beauty blogging was when I got really good at nail art.

Probably the only thing I plan to have done with my toes this summer. I'm not a big fan of people doing things to my feet, as I'm so ticklish, so I'll probably go get a pedicure when I get my acrylics, and then refresh the polish as needed through the summer. I think that the clean, white color is perfect, as it never looks like you've got a weird toe fungus, and it won't stain your nails. Basically I'm a lazy person and these are very low maintenance. 


Curly hair has been calling my name for forever, and this subtle ombre is to die for. Now unless I win the lottery I will not be going for the colored look. Spending the initial money on something like this wouldn't bother me, but then upkeep... yeah, no. But the braids!!! And the curls!! And that BOW!!!!!!!! Basically it is fantastically girly and I want to incorporate it into my look. 

I definitely like the more polished version of this look, where it looks like the hair is actually brushed. But I honestly can't tell you why the heck the literal hair bow makes me so happy. Maybe it's the fact that it's a little punny, or that the look is a cute, extra stylish way to keep your hair off the back of your neck. Of course I will probably fail miraculously at trying to do this with my hair. I'll keep you updated.


Teenage Summer

Summer Lovin'

A Little Different


Wednesday by eyesonrhi featuring a flat top

So what things style wise are you looking forward to? Leave a comment down below and make sure you subscribe by email so you can be updated when I post my makeup and swimsuit inspiration!