Project Pan 10 and Pan That Palette Challenges!

So I actually love Reddit. Mostly you can find me on /r/nosleep or /r/makeupaddiction. However, a few months ago I found a subreddit that really just... wow. It's called /r/panporn (it's all G rated I promise), and it's a community of makeup lovers that post pictures of the makeup they've used so much they've "hit pan" on (you can see the metal pan the makeup has been pressed into). This really intrigued me because I normally end up throwing away makeup items rather than using them because they've broken, I've bought a higher quality product, or I just simply never use it. And yet, I have an ungodly amount of makeup.

Well, while browsing through all of that I found two very intriguing concepts. The first is Project Pan 10. I have absolutely no idea who in the world started this, but the idea is you take 10 beauty products and you try to use them all up. The only makeup I've ever managed to completely finish is Foundation. Below are my 10 products I've decided on. I'm not sure nail polish is technically apart of this challenge but as I've never finished a nail polish I decided to try one as well. I planned on taking pictures of the items but I just could not get a non blurry photo, but aside from two or three things, all of these items are new or almost new with minimal usage. I've used maybe a fourth of the eyeliner and a fourth of the Jackie Oats. I've probably used a third of the Elf lippie.

  • Milani Powder Rose Blush in 01 Romantic Rose 
  • Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso
  • Physician's Formula Argan Wear Light Bronzer
  • Lush Color Supplement "Jackie Oats"
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyepencil in Perversion
  • Younique Mineral Pigment in Glamorous
  • Palladio Matte Lipstick in Scarlet
  • Elf Matte Lip Pencil in Praline
  • EOS Strawberry Vanilla Swirl 
  • LVX Nail Polish in Anthracite

 I've been wearing makeup for years and I STILL have my first ever makeup palette. Even worse I've only hit pan on one of it's shadows. This is what brought me to Pan That Palette. This challenge was started by Amber F on Youtube last year when she decided she was going to COMPLETELY use up a Naked palette.

The results are pretty inpsiring. This year, the challenge is the Lorac Pro palette which I (surprisingly) do not own. But I still wanted to take part in this challenge. To psych myself up I went through and organized all of my palettes. It really is an eye opening experience sitting down and looking at nearly 30 eyeshadow palettes. 

At first, I wanted to go the easy route. I planned on panning my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. It's what I've started using just about everyday for my makeup and it's the palette I brought with me to College For A Weekend. Then I started thinking. It would be too easy. I had my eye on this palette since I bought the Chocolate Bar palette and discovered my love of Too Faced eyeshadows. So I started thinking about impulse buys. Or things that I so badly lusted after but when I actually got it, I sort of just threw it into the back of my palette drawer and forgot about it. So, I have decided to start trying to pan the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. It contains the same amount of product as the Urban Decay Naked palette does, but has 20 colors rather than 12. 

This is my start. There are already obvious dips in Alien, Last Sin, Truth, Undone, Downfall, and DTF. This palette is very versatile but there are a few colors that I will have trouble using. I'm most worried about Dragon, Freeze, Vanity, and Sonic. 

I plan on posting a bit of an update maybe once every two weeks on the usage of these products. I really can't wait to see how forcing myself to use up products rather than "saving" them will affect my makeup buying and really my blogging. 

If anyone else has done in the past or is in the process of doing either of these challenges, please link me to them in the comments (who knows, I may share them in a post later down the road). 

August Beauty Favorites

Honestly, I've been meaning to jump aboard the monthly favorites bandwagon for awhile now and just... I'm lazy.

Sooooo here we go! My monthly beauty related favorites!