30 Minute Running Playlist

I think I briefly mentioned in my last update that I was starting to exercise and eat right. But I haven't really publicly discussed it. There have been a few updates on Instagram, and a new board on Pinterest, but aside from that I've sort of avoided becoming one of those peoples that talks about how far/fast they've run or how many push ups they've done. This is mostly because I'm not particularly good at exercising, and I'm many months away from the ultimate "10 minute mile" I seem to read about on every runner's blog.

What I AM excellent at is choosing music for these awful exercise activities. Like seriously if making playlists burned calories, I would be so thin right now. So here it is, 30 minutes of awesome music for your workout.

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There ya go :)

Back to Blogging

It has been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted any kind of content. My post about making this a more all inclusive type of blog went over well and then bam, I poofed! Well no more!

So I guess I will use this as a sort of "whats to come".

Makeup wise, there isn't much for me to do. Tutorials, maybe, but I lack the equipment and talent to crank those out as often as I know some would like. DEFINITELY more reviews. I really didn't realize how far I had gotten from doing those basic kind of stuff until I received a request for more, and realized I really hadn't done any except for in very brief roundup posts.

As far as the new subjects I plan on bringing into my blog... Well, I go away for college in a year, and even if it's only a year, I plan on making my room picture perfect in the next couple of months. Already almost all of my furniture has been rearranged and replaced... Now all I need is the proper decorations.

Speaking of aesthetic, if you're not following me on tumblr you can do that here (or click the picture above).

You know you can expect a million more funny stories/true facts told in gif list form, because honestly those are my favorite posts to do.

Readers, I am also looking at getting fit. You see... this thing happens when you are an internet obsessed teenager where you pin all about fitness and healthy recipes but still spend a solid 6 hours in front of the computer eating two packs of ramen and a donut. Shameless social media plug, follow me on Pinterest. I'm currently training for the Color Run in September and will be posting about that. Meaing be prepared for the millions of complaints about shin splints. 

Honestly, there is't much else to discuss that I don't want to cover in another post... So, ya know. See you then.