7 Months and 1 Haircut Later...

Well, hello there. My last post here was in January. Since then. So, so much has happened. This blogger is now an employee at Sephora (living the dream, I know). I've moved out of my Father's home and have decided on attending a school to become a certified Esthetician. You know, so I can just look at someone's eyebrows and say, "That's my aesthetic."

So... A plus for that. But out of anything I'd say one of the biggest changes in my life is my look. For most this may mean a different color lipstick or a daring pair of heels... For me... I did a complete 180.

And then, there's who I am now. Honestly, the changes have caused some issues. A former boyfriend of mine, who I tried to date again, couldn't handle the fact that I seemed so "unhappy" now. To him... me, happy, was in pink and bright colors, wearing girly makeup, and tying my hair up into adorable ponytails. But honestly... while I do struggle with depression, I was dealing with the same things back then as well. Now, I simply have the freedom to express who I am and the people in my life willing to accept that. 

Honestly, even with all these changes, all these new things going on in my life. I'm still the Rhi who was blogging for you all those months ago. I'm just Rhi on her way to a genuine happy. 

So, coming up, I have a few themed posts, tutorials, and articles. I'll talk about my new haircut and color. We'll go into what I'm up to as far as extra curricular. And of course, my signature funny posts will follow. So so excited to be with my Rhiadolls again. I think things are going to be great. What are you looking forward to seeing? Lemme know in the comments.