Calling All Ladies 15-25 and Makeup Artists! Be featured in my next blog post!

So I'm working on a huge blog post. Huge. Inspiration struck while in the shower and I want quotes. From as many people as possible. So email me, write in the comments, tweet me, post on my Facebook, the answers to these questions.

Makeup Wearers/General Public:

How do you feel about makeup?
Has social media ever made you feel like you HAD to wear makeup?
Have you ever tried to over draw your lips?
Have you ever worn fake eyelashes?
Have you ever tried to contour?
Have you ever thought about getting plastic surgery?
Have you ever wanted to fake tan/skin bleach?
What’s your biggest style inspiration?
How do you feel when you can’t follow a particular beauty trend (overdrawing/contouring/filled in eyebrows)?
Have you ever been made fun of (seriously) because you didn’t wear makeup/makeup was too natural?
If you didn’t know (bonus if you really don’t know) how old would you think Kylie Jenner is?
Do you think the Kardashian/Jenner family should be beauty icons? Why or why not?
How has Social Media/Kardashian/Jenner beauty standards affected you? In a negative or positive way? Explain.
Have you ever found yourself judging someone because they don’t do their makeup a certain way to fit in with what everyone does?

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a makeup product? On a makeup shopping trip?

Makeup Artists:

What do you think of Overdrawn lips, Fake tan, fake eyelashes, and contouring for everyday wear?
Do you personally like to wear makeup? Do you wear it because it's expected?
What's the youngest age person you've been asked to apply beauty makeup on?
How do you feel when someone asks you to make them look like a "Kardashian/Jenner"?
Have you ever had a client ask you to stray from what's flattering on them so they can follow a makeup trend?
Is banana powder really good for all skin tones?
Do you see people wearing/requesting foundation darker than the rest of their body so they can look tan?
Do you ever feel pressured to follow certain beauty standards Social Media has put on you as an artist? 

Thanks so much to everyone who is answering these to me and don't forget to let me know if you want me to link your social media (I might even add a photo of you if you send it/tag me in it when you answer), or if you want to remain anonymous.

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box

So I have a subtle obsession with good smelling stuff. I love candles, lotions, perfumes, bath bombs, body sprays... All of it. And I have a pretty excessive collection. So I've decided I'm really just going to start buying roller balls rather than the full size, since I'm going away to college next year and the rooms at my first choice school are smaller than the average dorm.

This is where Scentbird comes in. I first saw this on one of Jessica Braun's subscription box reviews and have been lusting after it for a good six months now. The idea is that it's 15 dollars a month, and you get a "one month" supply of a perfume of your choice. It's an 8ml bottle which is about 120 sprays. When signing up you take a quiz that helps them know what kind of fragrances you like. They ask questions about where your happy place is, what drinks you like, etc.

I was lucky enough to receive my subscription for free in exchange for an honest review. And I have a few things that I didn't really like but mostly things that I LOVED.

Scentbird sent me my little vial in a bubble mailer. I'm unsure as to whether or not this is the normal method of delivery but honestly I'm not happy with it. The case seemed pretty sturdy, but I'm afraid that some post offices aren't as careful with small packages and I can't imagine how upset someone would be if they received a busted bottle. This is especially an issue with month boxes, as it only ships in the case the FIRST month.

My other (admittedly petty) complaint is that you have to spray the sample in order to smell it. I wish they sent a little scratch and sniff or something so I could sample the scent without having to waste 1 of the 120 sprays. Even if something has been matched to you, you could still not like it. Some scents that Scentbird recommended to me give me headaches as I've had previous experience with them. I wish there was a way to test if the perfume I chose had an adverse effect on me without having to commit to a scent I hate all day or wasting a scent I love with a couple test sprays.

Overall, I think I really like this concept and the execution of it is quite nice as well :)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own honest opinion. I only received the product as payment.