Lime Crime Drama-Rama

Image via Lime Crime

Before I was ever truly apart of the beauty community, I ran across Lime Crime Cosmetics thanks to Pinterest. Of course the Velvetines are everywhere, and you've probably seen pictures of their colorful lipstick line whether you realize it or not. Despite Lime Crime being an "indie" makeup company, they seem to be everywhere!

Since first discovering them I've been driven away by the sheer amount of bad things I've heard and seen surrounding the company. I won't go into too much details here, as there are so many posts out there that explain every little bit, but the tl;dr version is:

Doe Deere repackaged and resold generic wholesale eye shadows as her own, claimed to be vegan but was not, threatened and harassed bloggers who did not give her products good reviews, continually deletes any comment on her pages with a legitimate complaint, and recently was involved in a massive credit card fraud involving the Lime Crime website.

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Some links to further explain my issues with Doe Deere:

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Not to mention the time she had her fans harass Christine from Temptalia for giving an honest review of her products. This is what the newsletter to her "futurettes" said:

“Finally, we wanted to discuss a less-than-favorable review we received on The review gave our Candyfuture opaque lipsticks a C- rating… We don’t agree! Do you? Here is the link so you can see for yourself:
We would like to encourage all of our futurettes who have had good experiences with our company and products to make yourselves heard. Please don’t keep your happy opinions to yourself! Feel free to email Christine (Temptalia) at [address removed for privacy reasons] and share your positive Lime Crime experiences with her, let her know you disagree with her review, or leave a comment on the article letting everyone know your personal view on our products and company. Please be honest, respectful, and polite!”
The decision is yours. I personally had chosen not to shop from Lime Crime long before things really truly blew up, but now seeing how Doe Deere ignored and blocked people who tried to call out the credit card issue in the past several months, and only owning up to it when it really truly got out of hand, I'm doubting how safe my information really is.
Disclaimer: All opinions stated on and other blogs linked to are strictly opinions, and are drawn by looking at simple facts. I isn't sueable.


  1. They sound truly awful. I regularly post scathing reviews of products that don't like up to the hype - I would consider that kind of e-mail asking people to try in some way to change my own personal opinion unforgivable and would shout louder by their inferior product. Stephen :o)

    1. Thanks for your comment! Really they're shady. And I agree with you. Unfortunately most people aren't aware of their rights etc. so the people they threatened to sue for "defamation" were so frightened. Honestly if Lime Crime ever contacted me about say this post for instance I would just promote this and their contact like crazy.


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