31 Stars to Thirty One!

Time for my half sponsored, totally unbiased review of two new bags I got. Both are Thirty One bags (sort of). One I am using as my nail stuff organizer, and the other is one of their new, higher end bags from the Jewel that I am using as my on the go makeup bag.


Let’s start with the nail organizer. It holds everything nicely and keeps it organized, and I can definitely see it being used to organize makeup items as well

The Pros:
  • Small
  • Portable
  • Comes in many patterns
  • Lots of pockets!

The Cons:
  • No "sturdy" structure
  • No pockets on the inside
  • Pockets on the outside are only on one side


Now the makeup bag. I just got this tonight, I paid a reduce rate to get this bag so I have no idea how much it retails for. If there’s a high demand I could definitely investigate that further.

The Pros:
  • Gorgeous pattern
  • Gorgeous fabric
  • Great size
  • Sturdy

The Cons:
  • Not really washable
  • The inside looks like it will stain easily


Another quick little note, Thirty One is having a flash sale! They just merged with their sister company, Jewel (which is what my makeup bag came from), and all of those bags are going to be available in January, but before that they’re looking to get rid of some of their old stock. 

The sale will be going on from now until December 22nd. You can shop online here or just clink the picture below.

Disclaimer: I did receive stuff in exchange for this post, however my opinion on the products is completely unbiased.

Dupe Alert: Urban Decay Deep End

Each swatch is two swipes with my index finger.

A few weeks ago I picked up the Neo Perle eyeshadow journal set by Profusion. I purchased two of these from Ulta for $2.99 each. Each journal includes 15 eyeshadows in a cute book with a magnetic closure. They also have different color themes depending on which one you buy. In the journal with the blue sparkly color I found what I think is a pretty close dupe to Urban Decay's Deep End.

I recieved the Urban Decay LE Fun pallet a couple years ago for Christmas, though I've only really used the two nuetral colors included (Stray Dog and Sellout) up until recently. I'm sure these eyeshadows are going to last me forever, but when I do run out I've found an amazing replacement for my favorite color.

Without a side by side comparison, Deep End and the Neo Perle color look almost exactly the same color. However, when placed next to each other you can totally see the small difference. Deep End has a bit more luster than its dupe. When applied there's the same type of difference. Both colors have a satin finish, but Deep End seems to be less changed in color by the shimmer than the Profusion shadow.

In the end, I would absolutely recommend the Profusion pallet, For 3 buck you get 15 shadows with impeccable quality for their price. Their application very much reminds me of Urban Decay, with very few powdery colors.

Profusion Neo Perle eyeshadow journal set can be bought here for $2.99
Urban Decay Deep End can be bought here for $18

Gbubbles Honey Soap Reviews

This week's review is going to be very short. I started the first of my many Gbubbles soap reviews with what I thought was going to be an amazing combination for my skin. For my face soap I used Greta's Virginia Honey bar soap, as honey is sort of the known as the cure all for skin. It's antibacterial, heals, and moisturizes your skin. Unless you're me (or one of the many people with sensitivities to pollen). Both the Honey and Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey soaps broke me out pretty badly. However, that's nothing against the quality of the soap. What doesn't work for me may work for you. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey is one of Gbubbles most popular soaps, and for good reasons. Aside from the fact I reacted poorly to it, the process of using it was pleasant. It's a soft, moisturizing soap with oats in it as an exfoliant. All in all I would rate this soap a 2/5 for me, but as a soap in general I'd rate it a 4/5 (the Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey wasn't the easiest to use on a bath poof).

Gbubbles soaps for purchase here

Disclaimer: In exchange for this review I've been given the small sample sized soaps that you see in the picture. This in no way affects my opinion of the product being reviewed.