Oh My Lash JoJo Lash Review

So as I announced last week, I am now an official Oh My Lash Beauty Council member. Today is my first review of those lashes, and we are starting with the pair that I like the most.
The JoJo lashes are only $2.25 and are synthetic hair. According to the website they last up to 5-10 wears depending on how well you take care of them. I haven't tested the amount of wear time on them yet, but I plan on doing that soon (so keep an eye). To be honest, I only added these to my cart to justify the shipping price ($5.75 domestic).

Even when they got here I didn't love them all that much. The synthetic hair seemed to almost be paper-y, and I didn't understand how these weird plastic crosses were supposed to look good on my. That is, until I tried them on.

The lashes are gorgeous, light, and feathery looking. Aside from some slight inner corner stabbing (which was caused by user error), these were incredibly comfortable to wear. The band is also quite thin, making them much more appropriate. I definitely recommend these lashes for everyday wear (to those of you who are into that).

For the things I didn't like: Whatever synthetic material they are using to make these lashes isn't at all soft or natural feeling. I found them significantly less soft and pliable than even the $1 e.l.f. lashes. Another thing is I wish the band were more natural looking, as I am not a big fan of a strong liner AND lashes everyday. Things look much fresher with one or the other in my opinion. Finally GLUE! Back to the dollar lashes from eyeslipsface, even that set has glue (though honestly it is terrible and I'd like to see much better come from Oh My Lash).

Total rating? 3.5/5

Comment below what you think. Will you be trying Oh My Lash anytime soon?

Disclaimer: Affiliate links within post. I also got these lashes for free in exchange for review but no one said it had to be a good review so I'm not claiming to like them for any reason other than I like them.

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