15 Pale Girl Problems

15. Even the most designer brand doesn't seem to carry your shade. So you're always at least one shade too dark.

14. Contouring? You will spend forever looking for that perfect shadowy without being gray shade.

13. Fake tan that isn't orange? Good luck.

12. Natural tan? Yeah right.

11. It's hard to wear red lipstick without being compared to a vampire.

10. It's hard to wear dark, bold lips without being called a goth.

9. "Why don't you just tan?"

8. Sunburns and peeling as a side result of your "tanning".

7. American BB creams and tinted moisturizers only give a slight orange cast to your skin.

6. The closest color of powder to your skin is translucent.

5. Finally finding a foundation that matches... except it oxidizes into Lohan tan.

4. (If your hair is dark) Even the slightest bit of hair is noticeable.

3. Spending on a fortune on foundation, and then another small fortune on another product to make the foundation light enough.

2. The "color matchers" always get it wrong. And it's usually laughable.

1. Not leaving your house because you're pale and don't want to blind anyone, but being pale because you can't leave your house because you're so pale.


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    1. Unfortunately it is... It so is. Thank you for your comment!


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