10 Scary Makeup Moments

10. Curling Your Eyelashes

Seriously this thing resembles a medieval torture device. 
Side note: I was considering using horror movie gifs for this post.
 A quick search of "eye torture gif" had this as a result on the second page.

9. Winged Eyeliner

They will never, ever be even. Ever.

8. Plucking Your Eyebrows

We all have a fear of this don't even lie. There's
always that ONE hair that's longer than expected.

7. Tightlining

So many people skip this because it's not worth
the sheer terror of potential eye stabbing.

6. Applying Bright Lipstick

If I mess it up I can just call it Kylie Jenner inspired right?

5. False Lashes

Lash glue could be featured in a SAW movie it's
so scary.

4. Mascara

Speaking of eye wounds... You know you make
that face in order to avoid one.

3. Blush

You look like a painted... well it's just too much.
There's no going back now.

2. Contouring

Just... I'm screwed if this becomes the requirement
for being attractive. 

1. All Makeup In General

We put strange things near our eyes, chemicals on
our face, and then we call it beauty. Makeup is
fun but also... Terrifying.

Happy Friday the 13th to all! Have a fun (and spooky) night! Only 231 days til Halloween!!!


  1. Ahahaha, super funny :P


  2. I relate to every single one of these :P

  3. The GIFS are sooo funny and true!! And OMG I have to remember which movie the blush GIF is from?!



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