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       There is absolutely no way to make this introduction not cheesy, so let’s just get it over with. Hello and welcome to my blog! Who knows how long I will actually be able to stick with this, but for now I’m very excited about the plans I’ve made. I’ll be posting anywhere from one to eight or nine times a week. My posts will mostly consist of:

  • Product Reviews
  • Some Insight on My Everyday Makeup Routine
  • Makeup Tutorials (either by me, or my attempt at another tutorial)
  • Nail Art
  • Home Remedies and DIYs for Skin, Hair, and Nails

My first tutorial to kick off this blog will be how I do my eyebrows. Unfortunately, I’ve let them go since starting my new job (where pretty is irrelevant) and desperately need to fix them before I go insane. Eyebrows are what makes or breaks a face for me, and I resemble a blotchy skinned kid with lack of knowledge involving makeup and grooming. On the plus side, the constant application of liquid latex on my upper lip and chin has kept that area impeccably hair free! My first home remedy test is likely to be a homemade moisturizer, but don’t hold me to that. In exciting news, I had somebody from Modere offer me products in exchange for a review. I plan on researching that more and if it’s not a scam expect that from me as well! I’ve got a shipment of e.l.f. products coming in, as well as some new makeup brushes, and I won the whole fall collection from LVX polish. There should be no lack in products to review and looks to create. So, without further ado, Eyes on Rhi has officially launched!



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