A Warm Weather Tutorial Despite the Snow on the Ground

The logic here is if I do my makeup like it's warm it will be.

What you'll need:

1. Foundation (Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup in 01)
2. Blush (elf Blush in Bliss)
3. Gel liner (elf Cream Liner in Black)
4. White eyeliner (elf Shadow Stick in Pearl)
5. Black eyeliner (24/7 Glide on Eyeliner in Perversion)
6. Mascara (Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes)
7. Coral lip color (Sephora Glitter Lip Pencil in Glittering Coral)

The Tutorial

Make sure you have a clean, blank face. 

Apply tape to the outside of your eye to make sure
all your lines are nice and clean. It'll make liner 
easier as well.

Prime your eyelid and sweep a light cream/white
colored eye shadow all over your eyelid. I'm using
Urban Decay's Truth form the Vice 3 palette.

Use a small crease brush to apply a cool brown/taupe
eye shadow in the crease. I'm using Urban Decay's
DTF from the Vice 3 palette.

Mix that same shadow from before with a warmer 
brown shadow and sweep/blend that in and above
the crease with a blending brush I'm using DTF 
and Undone from the Vice 3 palette.

Work a darker color into the crease winging it up
slightly with a small crease brush. I'm using Defy
from the Vice 3 palette.

Start to line your eye with a gel liner and brush.
Follow along the tape to get a perfect wing. You
can use any black gel eyeliner for this. I'm using
elf's Cream Eyeliner in Black.

Finish lining your eye tapering it in toward the 
inner corner of your eye.

Remove the tape, liner under the eye with a white
eyeliner. Line the waterline and lash line. I'm using
the elf Shadow Stick in Pearl.

After that pat a blue eye shadow over top of the white
eyeliner. I'm using Gonzo from the Electric Palette.

Work a light shimmery shade from the inner
corner to the blue. I used Angel from the Vice 3 palette.

Tightline your eyes using a black eyeliner. I'm using 
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in Perversion.

Apply mascara to both bottom and top lashes. I'm
using Tarte's Light, Camera, Flashes.

Tape a minute to laugh at yourself for getting 
mascara on your eyelid and nose. 

Apply your foundation however you normally
would. I recommend a sheer coverage, light liquid
for summer. I'm using Clinique Perfectly Real
Makeup in 01 (N).

Fill in your eyebrows with a matte shadow/powder.

Finish with a coral blush and coral lips. I used 
elf Mineral Blush in Bliss and Sephora Glittering
Lip Crayon in Glittering Coral.

And you're done! A super cute wearable look for the Spring/Summer.

Bonus Step!

Work an orange eye shadow into and
below the crease using a small crease
brush. I'm using Slowburn from 
the Electric palette.

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  1. My feedback is, great job, Tim the tool man Taylor! 😉😘


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