Urban Decay Electric Palette Unsafe?

So a few weeks ago I had a major freak out, because I thought I had dropped $49 dollars on an eye shadow palette that I couldn't even use. Yes technically, Urban Decay claims that they market the Electric Palette as a pressed pigment palette, but in many of the promotional photos, models and bloggers can be seen wearing the "pigments" exactly where the palette instructs you not to. Obviously, I was ticked.

(Sorry for the pretty blurry quality images, both of these were taken from Urban Decay's Pinterest )

The first model/blogger is shown wearing Savage, the bright neon color. My first thoughts was, "Fine, okay, maybe they don't really realize that they've done this, whatever". Then I found the second pictorial, where they are showing three of the four "not safe for use on the eyes" colors... on the models eyes.

Something isn't right here. A simple google search helped a lot in my findings, and I found one answer that actually made a LOT of sense.

From Beauty Blogger Phyrra:

The full thread can be found here.

This seemed true enough. The US being behind and not doing the testing and approval? I took it a step further because if it's deemed safe in the UK there obviously wouldn't be a warning for it.

This is the US site. The warning about the shadows is very clear. It's not for use around the eye. But ONLY if you live in the US, Canada, or Brazil. So far things seem to be exactly what strangers on the internet claimed. But we have to take it a step further. So let's check the UK site. 

There is no warning on the UK site. It seems that what I read was true. In other comments through various blogs I've also read that while there is a major warning on almost every part of the palette in the US, if I had been in the UK and bought it, there would have been no hint of a warning on the palette.

However, don't think that Urban Decay is the only company to sell pigments in the US that are obviously intended for use around the eye while warning against it.

The above warning is found on the Sugarpill website for some of their neon pigments. I have to say while it says basically the same things as the Urban Decay warning, it makes it easier to find answers as to WHY those in the US are instructed to stay avoid use of these around the eyes. 

Excuse me Urban Decay but...

Why make these shadows with pigments that aren't safe for the eyes? There are plenty of dupes (even drugstore) for these outrageous colors that are perfectly fine and approved for use in the US.

So far I've only seen one report of a bad reaction to the Urban Decay shadows, and even then it's hard to pinpoint if that was exactly the problem. Many people say that they stain, but it's common for shadows with such a high pigment to stain. I find that not only those four colors, but 7 of the 10 stain my skin if I do not use a primer under them.

Obviously, I've come to the conclusion that Urban Decay is covering their butts. Since it's not FDA approved here as eye shadow, they were required to sell the Electric palette as a "pressed pigment" palette. The warnings are there on the off chance that a consumer chooses to use the pigments on their eyes and have an adverse reaction. Thanks to that ever repetitive warning, the company cannot be held accountable. Really, as it's stated on the Sugarpill warning, the shadows are "use at your own risk".

To be honest, the number one thing that I've learned through this little experience of research is that:

What do you think? Comment below and tell me how you feel about the Electric Palette marketing?

Disclaimer: As stated above all things not approved by the FDA are use at your own risk. I am not stating that these are 100% safe, just why I feel safe using them. Like Urban Decay I have to cover my butt so I am not responsible for any injuries due to the misuse of this product in the US, Canada, or Brazil. We have special eyes.

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