Why You Shouldn't Buy Make Up From The Dollar Store

I know it's tempting. You see a product that is normally 6-7 dollars in the drugstore in the dollar store. Obviously it's safe because they sell these products else where. However, while it may seem like the same product it really is likely that it's not. Recently I experienced this with the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips. I saw in the Dollar store a really fantastic palette for a dollar and decided to try it out, when I got home I realized something was off. A quick google search shows you they are in fact not the same product.

Dollar Store "Physician's Formula" Shimmer Strips for hazel eyes.

Actual product

This is just a quick post but I'd like to explain that any knock off brands don't have to regulate what they have in them, so you could be putting dangerous or disgusting bacteria and chemicals into your eyes. There's a reason it's a dollar. Especially when you consider the original Physician's Formula palette retails for upward of ten dollars. Many bloggers and vloggers constantly "haul" dollar store makeup. I recommend even if you are going to use makeup from the dollar store you make sure you wash it off before you go to bed, don't use it in your water line, and spot test it on your skin to test for a reaction. 

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