Elf Studio Lipstain Review

Review of Fame (with a little bit of shame)
Studio Lip Stain in Lucky Lady

Category: Affordable

Intended for: Lips

Texture: Matte comes with a gloss for glossy look

Pigmentation: Average

Dupe For: Comparable to Limecrime Velvetines (which is a plus because you don’t have to pay 20 dollars to the shady company)

Recommended For: Anyone (with perfectly symmetrical lips that is)

Likes: Matte finish, ease of application

Dislikes: Couldn’t use gloss because applicator broke off in tube, not opaque enough to use if you have to ‘shape’ your lips

Versatility: Can be worn for any occasion in many different shades, can be worn all day while eating, drinking, etc. without having to reapply

Ease of Application: Very simple to apply but as previously mentioned, it’s not opaque enough to reshape your lips with the stain

In Conclusion: I like this product and for three dollars, the bads are absolutely worth it. It was a bit of a letdown that the gloss is now unusable, but I have other glosses I can put on over it. I’ve ordered this same product in another color and we will see if I’m more thoroughly pleased with that one.

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