Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial

Look how dirty they've gotten!
    Today's post will be on how to clean your makeup brushes. the majority of my brushes get completely demolished. Somehow, I manage to use almost every brush in my 24 piece kit in a week. This amount of usage can create some very nasty brushes. A lot of makeup brands sell a brush cleaner made specifically for this purpose, and there are a plethora of different DIY recipes. I don't use any of these, rather, I use a bar of soap (mine is a home made glycerin base I buy from a woman named Greta I met while working gun shows) and some water to restore the soft clean status of my brushes at the end of a week.  Read below for a fairly basic step by step and (provided I can get it to work) a video showing the simple process.

Gbubbles soap in Grandfather's Pipe
My poor babies

Must Haves
 -Bar of soap (not anti bacterial)
-Dirty brushes

How To

Wet your brush. Don't squeeze off excess water.

Soap it up. Use the water in the brush to scrub and clean the bristles.
 Swirl it around until the brush is soapy.
Rinse your brush. Let your fingers work through the bristles to make sure it gets nice and clean.
Once clean squeeze it gently and reshape the brush.

Important note: Always let brushes dry vertically with the brushes pointed downward!!!

Video Tutorial

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