My Shameless Obsession With Urban Decay: The Fun Palette

When I was little, I was completely desperate to wear makeup. So much so that I used to sneak little smudges of eyeliner or smears of mascara on my lashes to see if I could get away with it. The answer is, I could not. Finally, I hit the magic number of 13, and I was allowed to wear simple eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. It wasn't until 14 that I really wanted to wear more than that. We went to the Sephora store inside of JCPenny's and let the lady at my face. Unwrapping wasn't really a surprise, except for one item. I received my first Urban Decay palette. And it allllllll went downhill from there. Through the years I've collected a slightly ridiculous amount of Urban Decay (particularly in the past year), and was at a loss for new blog posts. Which is how this big week of swatches, reviews, and general rambling came about. We'll start from my oldest palette to my most recent.

The Fun Palette

Year Sold- 2012
Year Received- 2012

What the brand new palette looked like

Packaging- As far as packaging goes, I love the zipped Urban Decay palettes. A lot of people don't like them but I find them superior for traveling. In the two or so years I've had this palette I've dropped it, stepped on it (yes, stepped on it), and brought it with me on every single vacation I've been on, meaning it's been through being thrown around and absolutely crushed. Yes, the mirror has broken, that was the side effect of stepping on it. However, putting a hundred lbs. worth of pressure on it didn't bust or break any of the eye shadows. I'm pretty sad I lost the lip gloss to this (pretty positive it got left in a hotel room in Amsterdam), because the Lip Junkie gloss was absolutely gorgeous. I'm even considering buying the full size version. Another really cool thing about this palette in particular is you can remove the whole block of eye shadows and use the case as a clutch.

Swatches and Color Reviews!

Maui Wowie- This is one of my favorite and
least favorite colors. It is my favorite gold
because it is a cooler toned gold with silver
sparkles. It's my least favorite because the
fallout is INTENSE. As in even if you wait
to put on your foundation until after you do
your eyes and you both brush and wipe the
fallout away, you will still look glitter bombed.

Deep End- Of the "crazy" colors in this palette
this is the most used. Before I really got an
understanding of eye shadow and eye makeup
I would do a winged liner with this on top of black.
 I like this color, it's a beautiful teal with a satin finish
 (which is my favorite eye shadow finish), though
I don't think it is anything special as I've found

    several dupes for it recently.


Sellout- The only color I've hit pan on in two years.
This is an easy color to wear as a brow highlight,
 in the inner corner, or as an all over kind of thing.
 It's definitely a very frosty champagne, but it
 doesn't feel tacky or outdated.

Fishnet- I've honestly worn this color twice. 
Once for an audition to try and stand out (this 
was a year ago, I did not do my own makeup), 
and again recently. It's a very iridescent purple
with pink undertones, which while gorgeous 
with my eye color, not easy to wear.

Stray Dog- This is the second most used color in 
my palette. A very cool toned, grey tinged brown
that I would just put all over my eyelid and call
it a day. 

Freakshow- I've literally used this color three times.
Once when I first got it, twice December of 2014.
It's a lovely color, an almost navy purple, But as
a purple I don't find it to be... purple enough.

Over all. This was a great way to be introducted to Urban Decay, and as you'll see over the next... well let's be honest the next forever, it has become a full blown love affair.

Disclaimer: I really wish Urban Decay were sponsoring this post but alas they are not. I'm just a girl with an obsession.

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