My Shameless Obsession With Urban Decay: The Naked Palette

Today's in depth discussion and review is on the Naked palette.

Which I've discussed already, so to be honest I'm not super excited to be doing it. But a promise is a promise so a review is going to happen. Let's jump right in (this was another one that was gifted to me)!

The Naked Palette

Year Sold- Still available for purchase
Year Received- 2014
What the brand new palette looked like.

Packaging- I have to say while I like the size of this palette I do not like the material on the outside. It's an odd velvet type fabric, and I feel like it just picks up and keeps any extra product that may be in your makeup bag. I've seen it where other bloggers have it and the gold of the letters has worn off and honestly while it is a very versatile palette, the outside is just... inconvenient. If it weren't for the fact that part of having an Urban Decay collection is the packaging (well in my opinion), I'd definitely depot this palette.

Swatches and Color Reviews!

(From left to right) Sin, Virgin, Naked, Sidecar.
All swatches without primer.
Sin- Definitely the best under brow bone color.
 Some people might say Virgin is best for that but I prefer
 one without so much shimmer. Sin is a very pretty peach 
color with a slightly more matte than Virgin finish.

Virgin- This wants to be my favorite color. 
It's a light pink and you will find out that I am
kinda obsessed with light pink eye shadow.
It has a very shimmery finish, but unfortunately on 
my eyes none of the pink comes out, just the shimmer.
I've tried layering it over a white base but I just
find it makes it look a little cakey.

Naked- The most versatile color in this dang palette. 
This is the perfect natural color for me. I like
to put Naked all over the lid and Buck in the
crease for a "no makeup" makeup look.

Sidecar- Sparkles! Oh the sparkles! This is one
 of the shimmery colors that I actually enjoy wearing.
I don't mess around with the darker colors in the palette really
but this is an almost pink based neutral with some shimmer
and I love it.

(From left to right) Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted.
 All swatches done without primer

Buck- Second most versatile color. Chocolate brown.
It's a great crease color and lovely matte.

Half Baked- You know what? Everyone is insanely obsessed
with this color and I am not that impressed. Its
a really yellow gold which is not my color which 
probably explains my lack of enthusiasm.

Smog- Dark brown with gold shimmer/duochrome. 
It's a more unique color from this palette and while very
pretty, more on the warm side. 

Dark Horse- I went to write this and all I could
think about was the stupid song. This is a 
pretty color with a matte base and gold glitters in it.
I like to use this color as a liner (wet with half a drop
of eye solution).

Toasted- I spent a good week doing a look that
heavily used this color. If you know me, that's
a big deal because I see everyday as an
opportunity to try something new. This
is a very shimmer pinky bronze shade.

(From right to left) Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.
All swatches done without primer.
Hustle- A more cool toned brown for this palette.
It has some shimmer but not straight up glitter.
I can't remember actively deciding to use this
color, though I have probably used it on my lower
lash line.

Creep- Yeah I've never used this color on myself.
It's a shimmery "black" which really only comes off
as a grey. Overall it's not very exciting and I will
always choose a matte black over a shimmer wanna-be black.

Gunmetal- Another color I've never used on myself. 
Metallic/shimmery dark greys never really inspired me
much so I don't ever reach for it. I just find it to be
a blah color.

Over all is this a "holy grail" palette? Yes. Does that make me super excited about owning it? Not really. Since my cannon ball into the beauty world I've found I prefer a wider array of options than just neutrals, and am more likely to use this palette in combination with another than just it on its own (though it is absolutely possible to do that no problem).

Disclaimer: I really wish Urban Decay were sponsoring this post but alas they are not. I'm just a girl with an obsession.

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