Dear Boys, I Don't Wear My Makeup For You

There I said it. I'm not taking it back either. Jokes like "This is why I have trust issues" or "Take her swimming on a first date" kinda infuriate me to be honest. I don't spend 3/4 of the money I make on makeup to impress a guy. Or anyone else. My makeup is for me. 

I'm sure lots of people will frown at me for saying this. Honestly makeup makes me feel amazing about myself. The clothing industry has let me down and it's near impossible to find cute things to put on my body that are flattering and don't cost a freaking fortune. So makeup is where it's at right now. There's never been a case where a palette didn't fit me, yet I still felt compelled to buy it because it's all they had that even vaguely worked. Sure, you can go on and on for hours about how you should be confident with yourself naturally, but that's in a perfect world. Everyone finds something that works for them and creates a boost. 

When I go out, I'm not hoping to get hit on. I throw on some winged eyeliner, bright red lipstick, and killer fake eyelashes because I feel like a massive bad ass. Red lipstick makes you feel like a queen who doesn't need anything from anybody. 

Dear boys,

You might think it's a compliment, when you say things like "You'd look better if you didn't wear makeup" or "You don't need to wear that" or "I prefer you a particular way", but all I'm doing is rolling my eyes. Do you really think so highly of yourself to think that I'd spend upwards of an hour on a daily routine just for you? As for your "trust issues"... it's really not my fault if you seriously believe I have gold eyelids. 

My makeup is for me. It allows me to decide who I am, how I feel, how I want people to perceive me. With a little bit of eye shadow and a swipe of mascara, people can look and see an innocent sweetheart. With some eyeliner and a bold lip, people can look and see a girl who's not to be messed with. So seriously, unless you want me to start harassing you about your saggy pants or your ridiculously expensive shoes. Go on your social media and start judging your haircut, your style, etc. Just shut up.


Finishing up, I do overdo my makeup sometimes... I'm not gonna lie there's no need for a full coverage foundation everyday, or a winged liner during the summer, but I'm the one who puts it on my face, and technique wise, it's gorgeous. Nobody gets to tell you what you do with your face the same way nobody gets to tell you what to do with your body. Wear makeup, don't wear makeup, trim your eyebrows, leave them wild, shave them off, whatever! I may sometimes make statements or judgments that may not agree with what you like to do, but at the end of the day...


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