Rant: Swimsuits For All

So normally I don't really get into the whole fashion side of blogging thing because I really never felt like I could with my size. I've seen people who have been shot down with so many comments about how making plus sized fashion a thing is just telling people it's okay to be over weight. I've really wanted no part in either side of the argument... until now. On one of my many YouTube beauty binge days I saw this commercial:

My first thought? What. The. Heck.

First of all, that bathing suit doesn't fit her. The top is too small and her breasts are showing from underneath and on both sides... The idea that plus sized women can wear cute two pieces rather than our normal boring one pieces is a great campaign... but how valid is it if the bathing suit doesn't even fit her.

Secondly, I know that's Ashley Graham and she's a really big deal. Yeah, sex symbols are cool and what not but... do we have to really continue on the idea that the only reason a girl wears bikinis or cute clothes is so men will fawn over her?

Swimsuits For All is a really unique website in my opinion, but I don't think their advertisements do anything to show how different they are rather than put a famous model with "ideal" curves in a teeny tiny swimsuit.

As someone who struggles to find swimsuits that both support my chest, flatter the rest of my body, and are something I think is attractive, I would have visited the website if they hadn't chosen some sex crazed marketing scheme...

These women are both wearing the same swim suit. 
The one on the left was the one chosen for marketing.

It just truly makes me sad that a website that provides bathing suits that help cater to the needs of women who may not fit into what is readily available in the stores, goes and tries to use that lack of fit as a way to draw in customers. There's a difference between Swimsuits Illustrated and a website trying to sell swimsuits to women. 

Looking at plus sized clothing is intimidating, because many women feel like they aren't the right KIND of curvy. They don't take into account the fact that models like Ashley Graham are also taller than your average woman.

After visiting the Swimsuits for all website I was actually a bit more encouraged. Yes they have a crazy amount of models that seem to be curvy but don't have things like a pooch, arm flab, or muffin tops. They also have where they allow normal people to submit their own photos. Some of the suits even have alternative images to give the buyer a better idea of what you're getting. Like this one:

After visiting the site my view on the matter was changed, but think of all the people who won't bother to look thanks to the rather unnecessary #CurvesInBikinis campaign that is marketed in all the wrong ways.

I possibly will be ordering a swimsuit from this website and will be getting back to you all if I do!

What do you think about the #CurvesInBikini campaign and other similar marketing schemes for plus sized women?

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Swimsuitsforall or any of their competitors. All opinions expressed are strictly opinions and observations made by a consumer.

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  1. I'd never heard of this site before now. I'll be sure the check them out. My biggest problems are I tend to fall into that in between category. Not quite a 12, but a 14 is too big. I also find that when I'm shopping in a place like this, they always make the assumption that a plus sized girl is plus sized everywhere. Aka her breasts. I am not. I was tortured with a very small chest. Now as I've gained weight since the yr of having kids, and gaining weight due to the mobility issues the post stroke paralysis has made them fain a tad also. Key word...tad. I'm a B. And I gave to do all these smoke and mirror tricks for most of my clothing, since I just don't look proportioned if I don't, doing the smoke and mirrors in a bikini is very different. I just wish people would stop stereo typing EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! I'm stereo typed because of weight, because of gender, because of my disabilities. I'm just so sick of it.

    Sorry for the rant. Putting my soapbox away, I swear. Great post hon. I'll be checking that sight out soon!


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