Update! (Writer's block, "Lifestyle" blogging, etc.)

Hello Rhia-dolls! So I have no idea how long it's been since I've updated. Lets just go with a good two weeks. Part of that was due to just coming back from a cruise and part of that was writers block. I just finished up my first year in "college" and my junior year in high school. This will be the first summer I have had off in something like two years.

Honestly, I want it to magical and dare I say "tumblr-esque", but to be honest I'll probably spend 99% of my time behind my computer screen.

Since it's summer, the amount of makeup I'm putting on my face has like been cut in half. So I'm not buying makeup, I'm not wearing a lot of makeup, I didn't go to prom, I didn't do anybody's makeup for prom... what the heck do I write about?

I want to do something other than makeup, because I'm so much more than that. But I feel like I started EyesOnRhi with the  idea that I would only be discussing makeup. That was a stupid idea for me.

So now, looking at what's next, I can only think maybe I'm joining a wider niche of blogs. One where I can write about the things I love (heavily including makeup) as well as my opinion on a massive range of topics.

So what does that make me? A lifestyle blogger? Maybe? A super pale teenage girl with a computer and basic understanding of English? Definitely.

For the most part this will remain a "Beauty Blog". I'm still in love with makeup. But I need to grow a bit and see what becomes of it.

For those of you who are staying with me during this, thank you so much. For those of you who are gonna click away the first time you see a post about a day trip to the beach, I'll miss ya.

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