August Beauty Favorites

Honestly, I've been meaning to jump aboard the monthly favorites bandwagon for awhile now and just... I'm lazy.

Sooooo here we go! My monthly beauty related favorites!

1) Bath and Body Works Mad About You

I'm seriously mad about this scent. Haha see what I did there? It's a little floral, a little sweet, a little spicy. It's honestly a little everything. Plus PINK. IT'S PINK! I LOVE PINK. I have almost every Mad About You product avaliable. Including the travel sized products I love them that much. I have a Bath and Body Works obsession, as in I probably have over 50 products from there, but if I could only buy one thing from B&BW it would be the Mad About You soap. 

Yeah Will, he did, and he thinks you need the Mad About You soap.

2) Too Faced Chocolate Bar 

Speaking of things that smell good... This whole summer I have loved the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. This is the first high end palette I bought at full price because I just wanted it that bad. I wanted this thing before I even really liked makeup. I've used it a lot this month since I've had a couple formal and professional events to attend and my normal pink or coral eye shadow really just wouldn't cut it. My standard look is Champagne Truffle/Marzapan mixed on the lid with Hazelnut in the crease and Haute Chocolate in the outer V. Also when I'm in a pinch, Triple Fudge is a perfect brow powder for me (Milk Chocolate is a good one for sandy blondes).

3. Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation

Technically this is for normal to dry skin... NOT my crazy dry skin. But something just told me I NEEDED to try this, and I did. To my complete and utter surprise it worked amazing for me. I do have some dry looking patches when I first apply it but after about half an hour it looks completely flawless. The coverage is perfect for the fall/winter seasons, because for whatever those are the seasons it's acceptable to wear full coverage foundation. Maybe it's because you're not really sweating buckets then...

4) Femme Couture Cosmetics Eye Drama Glitter Liner

Thanks to it being summer, and there being rules for makeup and the seasons I don't get to wear as much liquid eyeliner as I want. But you better believe that I always have on even the tiniest of wings. My eyes just need it. This is not an opaque product. So I shove on my black liquid liner, and then after that dries I add a layer of this glitter liner. It adds a little sparkly without being it's own level of trashy. It dries quickly and it doesn't leave any form of fallout. Basically this is part of the slow transition from summer to autumn trends for me.

5) Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro

You know how basically every person ever obsesses over Nars Orgasm blush? Yeah well I swatched that the other day and that has nothing on this. This blush makes your freaking cheeks glow like the goddess that you are. It's got that perfect sheen without being glittery. Glitter rocks on the eyes and lips but on the face it can kinda look like acne. 

6. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I've already mentioned this product earlier in the month, but it still warrants a place in my monthly favorites. It's a good dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash. I've tried Maybelline mascaras before and didn't really like them. They had gimmicky formulas and brushes that just didn't do much for me. The Lash Sensational creates volume and length evenly, and the brush makes it easy to coat every single lash. 

7. Maybelline Baby Lipgloss

I hate sticky lipgloss okay, like... it's bad enough my hair is going to get stuck in my lip products no matter what, but when it's sticky EVERYTHING gets stuck in it no matter what. I love the traditional Baby Lips, so I shrugged off the new glosses. And then I don't know how but I own all 12 of them. All but the glittery ones are colorless, but they come in so many different flavors you'll want to collect them all. Not to mention the cute packaging...

What products did you like in August?

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