Rant: Urban Decay Naked Line

Oh my god. I know I've talked about it before but I absolutely hate the Urban Decay Naked obsession. Now the Naked Smokey has come out and I'm (metaphorically) slamming my head into my vanity.

Seriously??? SERIOUSLY?!?! Another Naked palette. Does anyone else remember when Urban Decay was a makeup company that provided makeup to a more alternative clientele. I understand the need to branch out, really, I do. But in that they seem to have left their old customers behind.

Despite still using the tagline "beauty with an edge", there's such an obvious lack of "edge" in the new line of products. Almost everything in the past year or so sporting the name "Naked".

With the launch of the Revolution High-Colour lipgloss and Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush I thought that the company was starting to (re)broaden their horizons. I was let down of course when the Naked Smokey launched.

Please can we go back to the Urban Decay of the past, when palette's like the Deluxe shadow box, Fun palette, and Bamboo palette existed. To those of you insisting that you need to own four different palettes with muted nudes, great, you have it.

I can even appreciate the variety of nudes. It's a type of all inclusive collection that a lot of brands lack. What I don't appreciate is the complete focus on this line.

Urban Decay, please take a minute to look at a different business model. Too Faced cosmetics has become pretty much known for the Cocoa collection. And they do frequently release new products to that line. But at the same time, Too Faced is still releasing some very exciting Limited Edition products (Color Pop palette), new innovative products to their permanent line (Born This Way foundation), and spins on their old products (Metallic Melted Lipstick). As much as I used to ADORE Urban Decay, I've found myself drifting to other lines like Kat Von D, Too Faced, and even drugstore brands like Maybelline and Covergirl to get the kind of variety in makeup I've been looking for.

What are you thoughts? Are you getting fed up with the Naked obsession like me? Or are you a faithful lover of the endless neutral trend.


  1. A thousand times, yes!

    Don't get me wrong - I enjoy Naked, and I do plan to purchase Naked2. They're different enough to be worth having to me, and I can wear them to work, "safely." If I did a look with the Electric Palette...well, attention would be diverted to my face from the quality of my work.

    The focus on Naked everything really deviates from their origins. Having the products is fine; having the products to the exclusion to the fun, edgy, "weird," makeup that they're rooted in is really disappointing. I think it's hilarious that some of their highest-grossing products are also the ones that don't at all cater to the market they originally sought to tap.

    Naked Smoky is superfluous and foolish. I'm *still* annoyed by it. Between that and Vice Twelve Million, I'm a bit exasperated with them even if they do produce quality products.

    1. The Vice Twelve Million... I'm crying. I follow your blog pretty regularly and I saw your post about the vice and thought it was funny considering what I had queued up. Urban Decay needs to get more of an edge...

  2. YES! I used to love the crazy BOS series but when L'oreal took over the company it went down hill fast. They even wanted to go against the company's history of cruelty free. It's so awful because as a teenage girl I'd save all my dinner money secretly to afford to collect the palettes, but now I just get furious with ever new release! They simply aren't the same company anymore.


  3. I actually didn't even really know UD's history and I really enjoy my Naked palette and plan to purchase the pink-toned one as well but their awesome eyeliner colors are what first brought me to the brand! I used to swatch literally every non-neutral color at Sephora every time I went to the mall, trying to decide which was worth $20 haha.


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