How to Get the Smoothest Shave Ever

So this may seem a bit late to you, after all wouldn't a leg shaving post be better at the start of summer? No. No it wouldn't. Because honestly it isn't until the late summer, early autumn that I really start paying attention to that. Which is bad but meh. I suppose it's left over from my public school days. I'm a lot more worried about the opinions of kids my age I have to live with all year then I am strangers in a shopping mall. So here it is. The best (and quickest) shaving experience you may ever have.

Let's start with choosing your razor. Up until recently I've always used disposable razors with a max of 3 blades. Yeah, that worked, and was pretty cheap, but shaving took a million years and I ended up with so many nicks and bumps... Enter the Venus Swirl razor. It is a 5 blade razor with a ball joint that makes it flexible. It swivels slightly when you come to certain parts of your legs, making it conform to your body better than a standard razor. 10/10 do recommend this razor. 

Now that you have your razor selected, we can get into other supplies. You'll need a salt scrub. I'm sure you've all heard that sugar scrub is great but if you're the kind of person who likes to shave in the bath, and you're female, the sugar in the bath can create some not so nice issues with your lady parts. So enter salt scrub. I'm currently obsessed with Lush's ocean salt (well I'm obsessed with Lush currently but whatever). It can be used on your whole body (it's a safe face exfoliate as well, use it rather than apricot scrub and you won't tear your pours). Scrub the heck outta your legs with this. Really work around your knees and shins, the places where dead skin cells would really collect. Definitely get your whole leg. Then rinse that stuff off. Make sure you get rid of all of the tiny pieces of salt so you won't dull your razor blade. 

Shaving cream is just as important. I like a good conditioner to shave, because most of the creams I've used have been extremely drying. However I did get a bottle of the Lush Ambrosia cream and WOW. Look for something without any kind of drying chemicals, that's what will create more friction and you'll end up with ingrown hairs. Shaving creams that come out of an aerosol can are really the ones to avoid. 

Shave like you normally would.

I did this and it took me ten minutes to shave my legs and get them perfectly smooth. It normally takes me about half an hour. Trust me, follow these steps wherever you want to shave and you'll be so happy.


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