5 Reasons Why Lush is The Bomb Dot Com

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5. You walk in and it all smells amazing.

I will never be able to describe the Lush smell, but it's just.... luscious (see what I did there). Something about that smell makes me willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on bath bombs (though I never take baths) and other fresh, handmade goodies.

4. The employees are super nice!

From the second I walked in all four employees were discussing various products with me (the store is probably the size of my living room) and offering to demo their recommendations for me. The employees were definitely some of the most educated sales reps I've met in a long while. Nothing is more off putting than people who are spouting the same script of facts. It was obvious that they actually cared about their products and what they were doing. 

While I was doing my shopping, my little sister was doing her window shopping, and she was off talking to a really nice girl who talked about hair care with her. During my checkout the girl got her a few samples and when we got home I was pretty shocked to look at this sample. This is a hair balm that's supposed to help with the ends of her hair, and it was full to the brim. She's used this sample at least 8 times so far, it's still pretty full. This is amazing. 

A lot of people may call me cheap or fishing for free stuff because a decent sized sample makes me happy, but when I have a sample that lasts one use, especially if it's a pricey item, I can't get a good feel for how I would incorporate that item into my everyday use. 

3. The prices aren't even that crazy. 

It seems like a lot at first. 6 dollars for a bath bomb or face mask? When you go through the math your investiment isn't truly that large. I've seen the large bath bombs be used up to 4 times. And compared to the Sephora face masks, which last one use, the moisturizing mask that Lush sells is much more natural and lasts as many uses as you can get out of it before it goes bad in it's month long shelf life.

When you have a high end product, you tend to have to use less, making the money spent on the product worth it. 

Another plus is that if you return 5 empty Lush black pots, you get a free Fresh Face Mask.

2. The products are all natural.

Next time you're in a lush, pick up an item and look at the back. I promise you will recognize 80 percent of the words. While Lush does use preservatives and frangrances in some of their items, they're pretty far down on the product list, meaning that it is the least used ingredient in the product.

Most of their items are vegan, and those that aren't use honey and beeswax (which some vegans make the choice to use). And they're all cruelty free (yay leaping bunny approved).

1. The products are actually amazing.

I own two products from Lush and I think both are amazing holy grail worthy items. I have the Oatifix mask and the Eau Roma toner. I think both are amazing and I swore I wouldn't spend a lot of money on toner because my Target brand toner was working so well, but for 10 dollars, this item is absolutely worth it. I chose to go with the smaller container just in case and oh my gosh. 

I'm quite addicted to my fresh face mask. When I put it on I smell like baked goods and it's a perfect gentle exfoliator and moisturizer for my extremely dry, flaky skin. I love that it's made from natural items, unlike other masks I've tried that has a crazy type of chemicals and irritants in it. The only thing I don't love is that it has fragrances in it, but it hasn't irritated my skin, which is great.

Disclaimer: Lush doesn't know me. Unless we count that one time they favorited one of my tweets on Twitter. I mean... this isn't sponsored though. I just had an amazing experience.

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