My Shameless Obsession With Urban Decay: The Bamboo Palettte

This one... This one was sent to me by a really lovely woman I won a giveaway from on Instagram. She actually sent this one to me about two weeks after I received my first package. Why did she send it? Because I made a post asking for recommendations for summer makeup because I knew I was going to need waterproof things for Warped Tour and our summer vacation coming up. Check her out here and here.

The Bamboo Palette (Sustainable Shadow Box?)
Year Sold- 2009 (Maybe after then)
Year Received- 2015

Packaging- No this is really inconvenient. It doesn't have a magnet that keeps it close so it just swings around. I obviously haven't messed with stability much but to be honest it doesn't have a good mirror, it doesn't have a good closure, and I understand why Urban Decay doesn't make things like this anymore.

Swatches and Color Reviews!

YDK- A really soft cool toned brown with golden
shimmers and a frosted finish. Perfect color for 
darkening up the outer corner without being too
dramatic or smokey.

Flipside- More on the teal side of blue, but not straight
up teal. I'd call this a mermaid blue. It's not as opaque
as you'd expect but it's still lovely.

Grifter- I love everything about this color except
the crazy silver glitter. I've found I can put the product
on the brush and blow the chunks of glitter off,
leaving me only with the color. It's a silver
purple shade that is a nice wash of color that 
still has a nice pigment to it.

Uzi- Similar to Grifter with the nuts silver glitter,
except I don't really like the white. If I had to choose
an Urban Decay white shadow I'd have to say
Bobby Dazzle is much better.

Twice Baked- I actually don't like this color at all
it's chalky and not very well pigmented. Which makes
me pretty sad to be totally honest.

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again- Pretty, champagne, has
obnoxious glitter and is a more beige version of Maui Wowie.
The glitter is slightly more bearable than most of 
the other glitter shadows in this palette
but not by much.

Flash- If you take Grifter and take out the silver
aspect that's what this color is. If you put both
on your lid there isn't much of a difference
except maybe the finish of it.

Half Baked- See my Naked palette review for my
thoughts on this one. 

Kiddie Pool- I adore this blue with my life.
I think honestly I'll use it more as a pop
of color here and there rather than all over
my lid, but it's a lovely aqua blue.

Oilslick- A matte black shadow with glitter.
It's not as black as Blackout and not 
shimmery enough for me to like it more
than the black from the Pulp Fiction palette.

Overall this is a great summer palette. I am once again so grateful to Tina for sending it my way. Look forward to a series we've got in the works to collab on together about makeup for different age groups. Make sure you check her out.

Disclaimer: While this was sent to me it was because someone saw a better home for it, as well as I constantly support her on my Social media way before this was ever sent to me. So I mean... Unbiased review.

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