A Makeup Addict's Time in Sephora

First I walk in and I'm like:

Everything. Mine. All of it. I will literally never wear that pastel purple lipstick, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it.

My friend (or little sister) is usually not amused. They know what's coming.

But of course we have to go in. I mean...

The swatching starts immediately and I normally feel like this:

Wait, when did that swatch get there? I don't even know why I swatched it.

Eventually I run out of room.

So of course I steal my companion's hand (they usually aren't pleased).

An hour has passed and it's time to think about buying.

"But didn't you already swatch that one?"

You just don't get it. 

Finally making a decision is the best and worst feeling.

And then we have to leave.

But that's okay because there's an Ulta in the same mall!

Disclaimer: A lot of these gifs were either made by me or found on the internet with no source. As they aren't original themselves I'll just say I don't own the videos that they are from.

So what did you think? Did you like the style and feel of this post? Comment below and let me know which you prefer, serious business like Rhi discussing makeup or fun Rhi, proving how much of a dork she is.

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