My Shameless Obsession With Urban Decay: Pulp Fiction Palette

We've come to the first Urban Decay product that I actually bought myself. I spent the two months of my blog eyeing this palette. It went on sale sometime around then for half of its original price, and while 16 dollars for an limited edition UD palette is a steal, I had Christmas presents to buy other people, and so I moved on. I was pleasantly surprised in late December, the palette was still available and on sale! Not only was it on sale, but it's sale price was on sale! I managed to pick up this baby for an extra 20% off. My patience paid off and I only paid $12.80 for this gorgeous palette. Sorry for the enthusiasm but I have been waiting months to gush about this. Great sales are how I (and I'm sure most other makeup lovers) justify my addiction.

Pulp Fiction Palette
Year Sold- 2014
Year Purchased- 2014

What the original palette looked like.

Packaging- Okay I love this in a million different ways. First of all I obviously love the Pulp Fiction quote, the logo, and the embossed UD is pretty dang nifty, okay? Okay. Also, this thing is sturdy as heck. I know cardboard can be kinda an iffy thing for some people but you know what? I've sat on this palette. Meaning it can take a whole lot of pressure and still look fine. The mirror on the inside is perfect and that little brush? Perfect. I see this as a travel palette, and I'm not the only person to liken the type of shades to the Naked basics palette. Christine discusses the similarities here.

Swatches and Color Reviews!
All swatches done without primer.
Righteous- First let's talk shadow quality. All of 
the shadows in this palette are crazy creamy, but 
I'm much more excited about this particular color's
consistency because it can be hard to find a matte that 

isn't powdery. As for the color, it is a cream color with a

 yellow/peach undertone. The picture seems to cancel 

out that peach note, but it's there.

Tyranny- This color is really unfortunately too orange
for me. It's a pretty color and I definitely will still wear
it but I'm not a big fan of warm toned eye shadows, and
will definitely choose Urban Decay's Naked over this.
It has the same smooth consistency and is a matte
finish as well.

Vengeance- Now this color I love. It's much cooler than
Tyranny and has a satin finish, which is always nice.
I love that the browns in this palette have an almost
ombre thing going on. Makes achieving a very natural
look so easy!

Anger- Black, Sparkly, better pigmentation and texture
than Urban Decay Creep but no where near Blackout.
I do like that it has a bit of sparkle but not glitters.

Furious- This is the prettiest white color I own okay???
It's a very pearlescent white with a cool undertone.
As you can see my forearm is basically the same color
white so all you can see are the shimmers but I think
this is the perfect color for the inner corners of the eyes.

There must have been some sort of manufacture error because I just realized that Furious is supposed to be over top of Anger in my palette, which would make it much easier to not get the white muddied with the black. Oh well, I guess that just makes this limited edition even more limited edition! Over all I like this palette, though I may not use it all that often thanks to my love for the bold. I'm definitely glad I have it in my collection for those days I feel like doing a 'my face but better' look. Plus who can resist something based off the beauty of this fabulous woman?

Disclaimer: Urban Decay doesn't know who I am. I mean I really wish they did. Seriously. But they don't. This post is not sponsored by anyone. 

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