Visiting Sephora With a Beauty Blogger: Guest Post by My Little Sister

Sephora is not a bad place to shop, they've got a good selection of makeup, but try walking in with a beauty blogger when you only have minimal interest. It starts out okay, most of the time she knows what she's buying before entering. Even then, there's staring and swatching to do regardless, and if you happen to be in need of a better product (eye shadow, foundation, etc.) don't expect to leave without being told ever option and having your arm completely covered,

Show a slight interest in a product and you can bet your behind it'll end up swatched on some part of you before you leave. Then there's the big debate over whether the product is good for you as a person or not. Basically, by the time a normal, not obsessed person may be done shopping and already in the food court eating a pretzel, she's still testing products.

The shortest amount of time she's ever spent in a Sephora was 20 minutes (and that was the time she didn't buy anything).

Once the thought of actually making a purchase pops into her head, the swatching finally stops. Which is always a relief because you've begun to feel like you're running out of space for all those colors. By the time she's paid, she's swatched half every item in the store on both you and herself, made several recommendations to you (even when you're perfectly happy with your drug store cheapies). It all usually ends when she finally chooses to buy the palette she spent hours online stalking.

It's a breath of fresh air when you finally get out of there... that is, until she remembers there's an Ulta.

Note from Rhi: To be honest, I can't even deny any of this. But she benefits sometimes, as the products I no longer use but are still good have to go somewhere! Shout out to my little sister, K, for being such a good sport (most of the time).

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