My Shameless Obsession With Urban Decay: The Smoked Palette

The second palette I paid for by Urban Decay, and the second palette I did not pay full price for. I'm not sure what deal I happened upon that made it only 16 dollars, but considering it retailed for 40, it had to happen. To be totally honest I've never done an eye look with this palette, and I really only see me using it for special occasions, like if I do makeup for prom this year. But it was good to have in the collection and in conjunction with other things, it's still a good purchase.

The Smoked Palette
Year sold-2014
Year purchased- 2014

The packaging- Something feels very dark and sleek and mature about this palette. Which I think is the point. As discussed with the Fun palette I freaking adore the zipped cases Urban Decay puts out. They are really travel friends, durable, and convenient. The outside is an odd almost sleeping bag textured fabric, which makes my skin crawl if I run anything even slightly dry across it, but I don't find that it marks up or stains easily. This palette also came with a full size 24/7 Glide On eye liner and a travel sized Urban Decay Primer Potion, but those are both in a drawer somewhere.

Swatches and Color Reviews!

Kink- Let me just say right now that I love
how Urban Decay does mattes. Normally
these shadows would not be as soft and 
would be more chalk. The color of this shadow
itself is truly beautiful though. It is the
perfect highlight for the browbone
and inner corner of the eyes and is
a soft cream color.

Freestyle- A perfect color for blending out harsh edges.
Smokey eyes are all about soft lines. This tan color
is great for eliminating sudden stops between colors
and the skin.

Mushroom- I feel like this color is a lot
more usable than I let it be. It's a shimmery
taupe with a gorgeous almost metallic 

Backdoor- A grey/brown matte color. I don't
find it to be as smooth and buttery as my other
Urban Decay mattes, in fact it's a bit chalky.

Blackout- So. Much. Yes. Matte black for life. This
is the absolute best matte black eye shadow. Urban 
Decay hypes up their Perversion eye shadow as the
blackest black but I've swatched that in store and I
own this and they really should just say Blackout
falls under that category. This picture doesn't do
it justice at all.

Barlust- Someone needs to write love songs about
this color. The pigmentation is amazing. The shade
is perfection. The texture is the bomb dot com. It's
a red toned brown, like a richer version of Toasted.

Rockstar- Meh. It's a "purple". Another color that
isn't my dream purple. One day it will happen. 
Because this is a smokey palette all the colors 
are very toned down, but I do wish this was brighter.

Evidence- Yeah this is a really nice blue. I realize
I just complained about the lack of excitement 
I feel from these colors but I find this blue to be
very nice and subtle but it also shows up as blue
where I don't feel like Rockstar does.

Loaded- This green is also a nicer green than
what is in the picture. It's very mossy with a
Satin finish. 

Asphalt- This is kinda a perfect name for this
color. It's a dark brown/grey with rainbow
micro glitters. I really do enjoy this color.

Over all it's a great palette and I purchased it not only for my collection but because it really did have some great staple colors that I will use for different occasions.

Disclaimer: Do I even need to put a disclaimer for this series anymore? Probably not. I'm not sponsored. UD doesn't know me.

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