My Shameless Obsession With Urban Decay: The Electric Palette

So, remember my adventures in Sephora? I believe we had a moment like this:

Let me say it does describe that moment when I have to decide what to buy perfectly. My stomach drops, and my mind begins to calculate what I could have gotten instead. That's exactly how I felt on the way home from the mall the day I purchased the Electric Palette. The reason I did was simple; it was the weekend of the Vice LTD palette launching at Ulta, and I was hopeful that either there or Sephora would have a lonesome Vice 3 left... but of course they didn't. The next three hours was spent with my friend looking around aimlessly for something to fill the hole that the Vice 3 left in my heart. Two hours later I hadn't found something, and the only thing I knew I wanted was pink. My best friend (and most dangerous friend to be in a makeup store with) pointed at the Electric Palette for two reasons. 1) Pink! and 2) Sparkly/crazyness. Of course I've seen it before and always rolled my eyes because what a freaking worthless palette. What would I do with that? But we all know this ended with me purchasing it and walking out of the store with it. Regret happened again when I realized four of the colors couldn't be used on the eyes (or so I thought, check out the answer to the safety question in my next post). However, now I can't imagine living without it.

The Electric Palette
Year Sold- 2014 (still being sold)
Year Purchased- 2015

The Packaging- Pretty? Check. Sturdy? Check. Great mirror? Check. Basically I have no complaints about the packaging. It's much sleeker than any other Urban Decay palettes I own, and has the most sturdy closer of them all. This palette has a magnetic closure, which I normally feel can come a bit loose, but this is one of those super magnets like you used in middle school science class. Yeah, it's that awesome.

Swatches and Color Reviews!

Revolt- When I can say a super shimmer metallic
silver is the most boring color in the palette
you know you've done something right.
Revolt is a very smooth, silver color that can be 
layered over a color to make that color
metallic, or layered several times over 
itself to make a very opaque silver.

Gonzo- Bright electric blue matte shadow
with light blue sparkles. It's got the same texture
as my favorite Urban Decay mattes.

Slowburn*- Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I have
not used this color on my eyes yet but I've swatched
it over and over and I really want to use this in a sunset
eye. This isn't a matte shadow but ti seems to have
the texture of one, making me think that rather 
than a satin finish it just has many micro glitters.

Savage*- My favorite shadow in this palette 
and it's why I bought it! Matte pink deliciousness.

Fringe- This actually honestly just reminds me of
Deep End, meaning it's the third teal I own, I don't
wear many teal eyeshadows 

I'm pretty positive this color is called chaos because
of the chaos it's causing in my mind. TARDIS BLUE
EYE SHADOW OKAY?!? Fangirl moment over, this
is pretty legitimately a great true royal blue. 

Thrash- When describing this color casually I will
refer to it as the "ugly yellow green", but I mean that 
in the most loving way because I love this perfect
acid green. I don't know how I'm going to be able to 
use it but it's a green/yellow with gold sparkles
and a satin type finish.

Freak- TINKERBELL GREEN. The Disney obsessed
girl in me loves this. I can honestly relate every single
color in this palette to a fandom and it would fit perfectly.
Freak is... freaky. Previous pictures probably showcase
my green walls, green stuffed animals, maybe green
clothes, because I love green and I love this pastel
green with a satin finish.

Comment if you remember this commercial.

Urban*- Wanna know how I feel about this? See above gif.
It is the purpley-est purple to ever purple with a gorgeous
satin finish. It has more of a pink/red undertone
than a blue undertone and holy cow! Purple!

Jilted*- Pinky-purple! It's seriously like a neon version of 
Fishnet which I have come to love even more in the last week.
It has a satin finish with a slight hint of shimmer. Yay!

*These products are not approved for use in the immediate eye area by the FDA.

Over all, I didn't think I would ever use it and I thought the people that would dish out $49 on a palette with this kind of color scheme. Now I can't imagine being without it. 10/10 DO recommend.

Disclaimer: This isn't sponsor. Urban Decay doesn't know me. And I don't own any of the rights to Peter Pan or Tinkerbell.

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