Guest Post: Morphe 35 Warm Color Palette Review

So hey there! My name is Rebekah, but since I plan on us being friends you can call me Beks! I am basically the queen of eye shadow palettes, don't believe me, well I'm attaching a photo to prove it. I have all 3 naked palettes, the Lorac palette, the Semi Sweet chocolate Bar palette (my fave) and a few other assorted palettes.

I'm also a huge Jaclynn Hill fan, so you know when she announced she had a partnership with Morphe Brushes for a palette I was all over it, sadly it SOLD OUT!!! :(((((( NOOOOOO! So I decided to shop anyways. Well I found the next best thing, the Morphe 35 Warm Shadows Palette. Wanna take a guess how much it was? Like $20!!! AMAZZINNNNNGGG! Best believe I threw it into my shopping cart and got it like a week later.
The pros of this palette are:

1) The colors, like you have an endless supply of almost every color!

2) The pigmentation, I played with a few yesterday when I received it, I didn't swatch for this post because well I just self tanned, and you know the struggle, I will however link my YouTube channel and you'll get a full video review and tutorial with the palette.

3) The options! Like 35 colors?!?! Who couldn't create hundreds of looks? Like I know I've already played with it!

The one con, however is that there is a lot of fall out with these shadows. Which is an easy fix, but it's still pretty annoying for anyone who does their eye shadow after they do their face.

Here are some pics of my favorite colors! And they will be used in my tutorial with the palette that will hopefully go up sometime this coming week, as I'm on vacation from school and work!

And here's my favorite. I have grey eyes so you know mustards and golds are my babies!

My YouTube channel link!
And thank you Rhi for letting me sub in for you<3

Note from Rhi/Disclaimer: Big thanks to Beks from the Oh My Lash! Beauty Council for helping me out this weekend and writing for me. Definitely make sure you check her out. Also, neither of us are sponsored by Morphe and this palette was bought by the writer.

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