Younique Thoughts (Part 1)

Younique makeup products have become increasingly popular since their start a couple years ago. If you don’t know the couple by name, you probably know about their Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. This mascara has become huge thanks to bloggers and other social media icons discovering it. The before and after pictures of this product are definitely nothing to bat your eyelashes at. Today I had the pleasure of attending a makeup party hosted by the friend of a Younique presenter. Normally, Younique parties in the past have always been held online, and presenters still aren't instructed or equipped properly to host a physical party. As a (soon to be) customer of the company, I find this really confusing. True, it’s easy to see the payoff of their famous mascara, but there are many other products that they sell that a person wouldn't be too keen to buy without an in person presentation of the product. It would be awfully easy for someone to buy the wrong shade of bb cream, foundation, or powder, and while Younique does have a good return policy, that’s just putting more stress and responsibility on their customers. This level of personal responsibility that comes with not being able to see a product in reality will automatically turn many people away. Which is a shame because the quality of product that Younique offers is for the most part worth the price tag. The presenter who did this party did an excellent job at explaining each product, the different uses, and then at the end of her little sales pitch we all had time to socialize, play with the makeup, and get a feel for the products we could be spending as much as 60 dollars on per item.

This woman's set up was lovely! From the moment I arrived I knew I had to have something!

 The day finished in laughter in smiles as we all looked at each other and marveled at the makeup products we had a chance to try out. A couple of women at the party didn't wear makeup consistently, and while they weren't likely to purchase enough makeup to do their whole face, everyone had one product that they enjoyed enough to place an order for. Younique definitely needs to consider making home parties the norm for their company. While their ideology is sound. Making everything electronic definitely does save money, they're losing money by not letting women get together and test out some of their products in an environment they're comfortable in. It'll be interesting to see how Younique addresses this in the future as more and more presenters start to do this without company backing.

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  1. Funny! This woman keeps emailing trying to get me to join an online party. Finally about 2 wks ago, a friend text me and explained that she was selling the products now. I live in a tiny tiny town, this was beyond convient. We have set up a date for me to, by myself where I'm most comfortable now as large crowds don't do it for me any more friends or not, try out all the products. I just know I'm going to end up owning every lipliner they make, but at least I can touch it, feel the texture, before buying and having to return. You're very right, it's kept me from purchasing for a long while now.


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