Younique Thoughts (Part 1.5)

     Today’s quick post is something I’ve been thinking about writing since the Younique party two weeks ago. This isn’t my part 2 post on the subject, but it’s about the Moonstrucks 3D Fiber Lashes that I got to try that day. We’ll call this Younique Thoughts (1.5). More specifically, it’s my first impression and why I chose not to purchase the product that the company seems to be most famous for. 

That is 1 coat of the 3D Lashes
      Don't worry Younique reps who read my blog, this is not a review of shame! Personally, every time I see people with naturally long eyelashes wearing this mascara, they always seem clumpy and spidery to me. It's likely that they're applying it the way someone who REALLY needs the fuller lash look would and are getting something that isn't soft or pretty (in my opinion), so for all you girls out there with long, full lashes, definitely take it easy on the fibers. The product is good, it's waterproof, and looked wonderful on many of the other women at the party, this is just a case of personal preferences, as well as proving that while a product may be wonderful, it's not always for everyone! Some of you girls may love the way that this looks, and if you do I say go for it! It's a great product that definitely lives up to the hype. In the several hours that I wore it, it did not flake, smear, or run when I started to tear up (no I wasn't crying, I was yawning)! So my verdict on the 3D lashes are if you really need the extra boost, or feel like you need it. It's definitely worth the money. However if you already have long full lashes you may be better off investing the money in another product that would benefit your more in the long run.

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